Joyce Rankin, a vibrant professional facilitator, is the founder of Shaping the Moment. Shaping the Moment is a process of emergence around a theme. For 25 years, Joyce has been facilitating groups – around topics where multiple stakeholders have diverse views. Often the work with clients – private enterprise, non-profits or government has been outcome focused.  We are each like the blind man and the elephant – seeing one perspective but not the whole. In this way, the impact of the work was limited.

As an MBA and Organizational Development professional Joyce studied change theory, strategy, multiple group processes, and how to be a change agent.  For a decade, she has practiced Appreciative Inquiry; in the last five years she focused first on Spiral Dynamics and now integrates Theory U into her work. Whether a construction business, a federal department, a health care facility or a community-based enterprise, these customized workshops have supported the development of Shaping the Moment.

Bringing together the threads of her work, Joyce has integrated what she has learned from organizations, community development and bodywork. Since 2002 she has followed encouragement and opportunity to learn and develop her kinesthetic awareness – through various forms of bodywork, movement, coaching and improvisation. Since 2004 she has been studying with Arawana Hayashi and The Art of Making a True Move.