Shaping  the Moment engages the whole person with simple experiments that challenge blocks and allow habit patterns to become visible. Expand your capacity for personal awareness and choice-making with sessions that incorporate physical, mental and emotional processes.
Principal Joyce Rankin is a vibrant professional facilitator. Since 1985 Joyce has worked with groups in size from 5 to 225 to plan, vision, challenge and change the way we see the world, the organization in which we work and the way we perceive those with whom we share the journey.
Combined with dialogue processes and approaches such as Theory U and Appreciative Inquiry, Joyce stays at the leading edge in her field and in the design of sessions and programs for adults.
Joyce Rankin can help you discover new ways to process and respond to your current challenges. Contact Joyce today.


The body is a source of wisdom.  When we access the body’s inner wisdom through movement and sensing, we speak our truth and can bring the whole person to desired change.
Joyce trained with Marlena Field, Body-Centered Coaching, and brings experience coaching executives to support for individuals.  As a body worker, trained Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Therapeutic Touch and Reiki, Joyce has a basket of skills to assist individuals to work with what wants to emerge.  She has practiced Continuum movement and brings the person, all relations and the planet body into the field of exploration. For more information, Contact Joyce today.

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